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DigiIndiaCoin, is for digital revolution. Strong foundation and reliability is the focus.We are here for a special moment. DigiIndia Block chain is a marvelous concept and DigiIndiaCoin is a revolutionary concept that will bring a whole bunch of awesome project with itself.


DigiIndia team got its motivation from the Digital Revolution that was actually begun in 2015. Our major motive is to bring the revolution of Data, Artifical Intelligence,automation and Digital Dependency. We are changing the way traditional things were working. 

Why Us?

Our team consists of well experienced people from India, USA, Turkey and Dubai. The team consists of people from technical,management and Financial sectors. We are not a ponzi scheme nor we are a jump and dump coin. We have a limited supply of 22105263 coins only, out of which there was only 1.1 million coins available for ICO and also we have our own blockchain which has many other implications instead of just a cryptocurrency. We are confident that people who will invest in DigiIndiaCoin will reap huge benefits in the near term. 


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A Unit of HaviExchange India